Glow V Line Facial Roller

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The Glow V Line Facial Roller:

  • Mimics the motions of a facial massage
  • Tones & Tightens skin
  • Gently pinches to increase oxygen & blood flow, stimulating cellular repair
  • Helps stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • De-swells and slims the face
  • Creates a gentle lifting effect for a more v line look


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The Glow V Line Facial Roller utilizes ridged quartz heads to instantly cool the skin and stimulate blood flow to help flush fluid retention. This aids in slimming the jawline and face to reveal a more V line shape.

This facial roller works to get rid of swollen face that often occurs due to side sleeping, excess sodium intake and fluid retention by mimicking facial massage techniques. It gently pinches the skin to stimulate oxygen flow and cell repair, resulting in the appearance of firmer, tighter, lifted skin with a more v line shape.


  • Aids in repairing skin cells by stimulating blood flow, oxygen and nutrients
  • Soothes inflammation & redness in face
  • Effectively flushes fluid retention in the face due to swelling, bloating, and side sleeping
  • Helps to get rid of swollen face by stimulating lymphatic drainage
  • Mimics gentle massage techniques to tighten loose, sagging, and tired-looking skin

Who's It For?

Skin Types
☑ Dry Skin
☑ Fine Lines & Wrinkles
☑ Normal Skin
☑ Early Signs of Sagging
☑ Sensitive Skin
☑ Swollen face in morning
☑ Oily/Combination Skin
☑ Dullness

How To Use

1) Use this facial roller first thing in the morning either with a good cleansing oil or at the last step of your skincare routine.
2) Evenly apply lite pressure and firmly roller from the center of the chin along the jawline all the way to the ear. Repeat for 30 seconds then proceed to the other side of the face.
3) Align the center of the facial roller with the corner of the mouth and roller towards the ears, repeat for 30 seconds.
4) From behind the ear, roll the v line facial roller along the neckline down towards the shoulder for 3 seconds on each side.
5) Roll along the collar bone on one side for 30 seconds, and the other side for 30 seconds.

Frequently asked questions

Do V line facial rollers work?

The short answer is yes, V line facial rollers do work to provide a temporary slimming and lifting effect to the face and skin. Over time with continual use, skin is stimulated to become tighter and more firm. This gives a lifted look to the skin.

Do I need a facial roller?

The choice to add a v line facial roller into your skincare routine is completely your choice to make. If you are looking for a way to tighten, firm, lift and stimulate lymphatic drainage in a none invasive way, then a v line facial roller is an excellent choice.

How do I clean my facial roller?

If you feel it is time to clean your v line facial roller, simply use dish soap, warm water and a clean washcloth. Rinse the v line facial roller under warm water to soften any built up skincare residue. Add dish soap to your palms and form a lather. Massage the lather over the roller. With a wet washcloth, rub away residue and rinse cleanly. Dry off the roller with a clean towel and place in a dry spot until fully dry.

When should I use a face roller?

For best results, use your v line facial roller in the morning as the first step of your skincare routine. Apply a cleansing oil over dry skin and massage evenly over the face. With your v line facial roller, begin rolling in the desired technique to smoothly glide over the skin to de-puff, de-swell, firm, tighten, and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Once the rolling has been completed, rinse away the cleansing oil and proceed with the remainder of your morning routine. This process can be repeated in the evening as well.

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Glow V Line Facial Roller

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