The Glass IPL Photofacial

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The Glow Atelier The Glass Photofacial device is a at home IPL facial system that:
  • Fights acne & creates clearer skin
  • Helps fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Stimulates collagen & supports anti-aging
  • Helps to tighten large pores & loose skin
  • Removes unwanted hair

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The Glass IPL Photofacial by Glow Atelier is the ultimate at home IPL photofacial experience.
A luxurious ipl for face device to use as a facial skin tightener, and dark spot remover for clear skin.

This IPL face treatment system delivers a curated at home IPL experience that helps fast-track the anti-aging journey to clear skin while being gentle & pain free.

Featuring a unique manual cooling system, that ensures the skin is comfortable during every IPL photofacial session.


  • Fights off acne bacteria and reduce pimple breakouts
  • Helps fade hyperpigmentation dark spots
  • Tightens enlarged pores caused by excessive oil
  • Gentle laser hair removal at home
  • Helps reduce appearance of facial broken capillaries treatment
  • Stimulates natural collagen production
  • Pain free experience

The Glass IPL Photofacial by Glow Atelier is the ultimate at home IPL photofacial experience. A luxurious ipl for face device to use as a facial skin tightener, and dark spot remover for clear skin. This IPL face treatment system delivers a curated at home IPL experience that helps fast-track the anti-aging journey to clear skin.  Featuring a unique manual cooling system, that ensures the skin is comfortable during every IPL photofacial session.

Who's It For?

Skin Types
☑ Acne Prone Skin
☑ Acne & Clogged Pores
☑ Normal Skin
☑ Dark Spots & Dullness
☑ Sensitive Skin
☑ Unwanted Hair
☑ Oily/Combination Skin
☑ Anti-aging collagen production

the glass ipl photofacial comparison

  • Dark spot remover IPL zaps away hyperpigmentation spots for clearer more radiant skin
  • Stimulates collagen via light therapy vibration in the deeper layers of the dermis
  • Destroys acne bacteria through light exposure targeting acne at the source
  • Fades broken capillaries by targeting collective dense pigment, reducing their appearance
  • Facial skin tightening & large pores via IPL deep tissue vibrations
  • Unwanted hair removal with laser hair removal at home by targeting the pigment in hair strands
  • Multi-use for the face & body for skin care and hair removal
  • Advanced cooling system keeps the skin cool during treatment for a comfortable IPL photofacial experience at home

Frequently asked questions

can ipl help acne?

Yes, IPL (impulsed light therapy) reaches the deeper layers of the skin. The intense pulse light kills off acne-causing bacteria and helps reduce excessive oil production. This results in less acne breakouts.

are ipl and laser the same?

No, IPL (impulse light therapy) is different from laser. Laser uses a single monochromatic light wavelength while IPL uses many different broad-band wavelengths.

can ipl damage skin?

Yes and no. if used incorrectly, ipl can have a damaging effect on the skin. For example, using a high intensity without prior lower-level treatment sessions can result in heat buns and increased pigmentation. Always be sure to start using IPL on lower intensity settings and work your way up to increased intensity if the skin is resilient to results with lower settings.

will ipl remove moles?

No, IPL will not remove moles. IPL can however improve the appearance of freckles caused by sun damage. For proper and correct mole removal, please visit a dermatologist.

will ipl remove hair?

Yes, IPL is the best at home laser hair removal system that is safe and effective. IPL hair removal at home is not permanent and will require maintenance sessions after your initial results are achieved.

can ipl cause cancer?

IPL has not been linked to show legitimate cancer risks in recent studies.

can ipl damage eyes?

Yes, IPL sessions must use protective eyewear throughout the duration of the session to avoid any damage to the eyes.

what ipl treatment?

IPL treatment used impulsed light therapy, a broad-band light wave length to send fast intense pulses of light into the skin. These intense pulses target high-density clusters of pigmentation in the skin and hair, dissipating the pigment cells. This is what ipl does and how ipl works.

what ipl stands for?

IPL stands for impulse light therapy.

are ipl burns permanent?

No, IPL burns are not permanent but they should be treated like any other burn. Keep the burn protected, covered with wound healing ointment, and protected from UV light until fully recovered.

Is this a cordless device?

No, the Glass IPL Photofacial is not a cordless device and as such, needs to be plugged into a power supply in order to use it.

Can I use this on spider veins on my legs?

Yes, you can use the Glass IPL Photofacial on any part of the body that you desire. However, it is important to remember we can not guarantee a certain level of results. Deeper tissue pigments will be more stubborn to treat and fade. The amount of pigment and depth of the pigment all play a role in expected results.

What settings and level should I use?

When starting your IPL experience, always start off on the lowest level on the setting that matches that area of the body you are treating. For example, select the face setting with an intensity of level 1 when using the device on the face. Select the leg setting and intensity level 1 when treating the legs and so on. Increase the level of intensity on the next session if you experienced no negative side effects on level one. Continue this process until you reach a level of intensity you are comfortable with.

When can I see results?

We can not promise or guarantee any specific level of results. Everyones skin and situation is different and unique to them. For discoloration closer to the surface of the skin, results can begin soon. For pigmentation malformations deeper into the skin, visible results may take longer and require more frequent and ongoing treatment.

Can I use IPL on melasma?

Yes and no. Research shows IPL treatment can help improve melasma for quick, short term results. However, relapse often is seen within three months in this research study. With melasma being a unique form of hyper pigmentation, fractional nonablative lasers have been studied for the treatment of melasma and proven more effective long term.

What should I do if my IPL is faulty?

If you receive your IPL and find it is fault or damaged, please contact us at to help. We will work with you to help determin the issue. If the issue is is found to be a fault in the product itself, we will assist you in an exchange. Please note we only can honour exchanges within 30 days of your order.

"I have been using The Glass IPL Photofacial on my skin for 2 weeks now, but my dark spots are looking darker? is this normal?"

Absolutely, this is a normal part of the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment process. When IPL treatment is administered, the light energy is absorbed by the pigmented cells in your skin. This energy then turns into heat, which causes the pigmented cells to rise to the surface of the skin. As a result, dark spots may temporarily appear darker post-treatment. Following an IPL session, these darker spots will start to come to the skins surafce and fade away with your skins natural cellular turn over, eventually fade away over the course of anywhere from 4-8 weeks or more. This process reveals lighter, more evenly toned skin underneath. However, it's crucial to remember that the effectiveness of IPL treatments can vary depending on individual skin types and conditions. Lastly, protecting your skin from sun exposure after IPL treatments is vital, as sun exposure can cause new dark spots to form and counteract the effectiveness of the IPL treatments. Always use a high SPF sunscreen to protect your skin.

Will IPL get rid of wrinkles?

No, IPL is not a suitable treatment for wrinkles. IPL does increase collagen production to help tighten the skin, however, this will not have any significant impact on already existing wrinkles. Wrinkles are best treated with high volume exfoliants such as retinols, dermal fillers, and advanced resurfacing lasers. Please discuss your options with a registered aesthetic nurse or dermatologist.

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Discover luxury skincare at home

I have questions:

IPL skincare treatment uses impulsed light therapy, a broad-band light wave length to send fast intense pulses of light into the skin. These intense pulses target high-density clusters of pigmentation in the skin and hair, dissipating the pigment cells. This is what ipl does and how ipl skincare works.

Like most things, there is no magical solution to anything. IPL photofacial skincare takes time, dedication, and consistency to begin to see results. The average user begins to see results around 4 weeks of persistent use following our included guide. However, many factors play a roll in the time frame and level of results. These factors include; conditions you're treating, severity, depth of pigment and more. As such, we are unable to promise or guarantee a specific level of of results within a specific time frame. Remember, everyone's skin and concerns are unique and require different levels of care and treatment.

Yes & no. Retinoids and acid topical treatments cause the skin to be light sensitive. With IPL skincare being light technology, you must adjust your routine accordingly. We recommend following a 4 week cycle to enjoy the best of both worlds.

  • Week 1: IPL photofacial 1-4 times.
  • Week 2: Retinoids or acids.
  • Week 3: Rest (no IPL no acids).
  • Week 4: IPL photofacial 1-4 times.

Repeat this cycle to fast track your journey to clearer more radiant skin!

No! There is zero pain or discomfort when using The Glass IPL Photofacial. Our advanced technology and cooling plate help to reduce any potential discomfort, so you can enjoy your new skincare device with piece of mind.

We recommend using The Glass IPL Photofacial anywhere from 1 to 4 times a week. Your order will include a helpful guide to get you started on your IPl skincare journey. You can also watch our "How to use" video for beginners.

Yes! The Glass IPL Photofacial is certified so you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands.

Be sure to take a read of our complete FAQ section in the description area of this page. We also suggest taking a read of our complete guide on IPL in the "Everything You Need To Know About IPL" article.

Both deliver the same amazing benefits. We took your opinions into consideration to create this new improved model that:

  • Has up to 15 jules energy compared to 12.6
  • Has a simplified control panel, no confusion between levels
  • Has the power button on the bottom of the device, no more accidentally turning off the device
  • Has a protective cap to reduce the risk of damage to the lamp bulb in storage
  • Has a smoother more sleek design that's less bulky in the hand
  • Has improved skin cooling as low at 9ºC to 7ºC (48ºF - 44ºF)

Before & After

How long till I see results?


You will be surprised at just how fast The Glass IPL Photofacial can start making a difference.

Post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation spots can have an immediate improvement after just one session.

The average user starts noticing an improvement in their skin around 4 weeks of consistent use following our recommended guide.

The Glass IPL Photofacial


Glass IPL Photofacial

Topical Treatments

Spa Appointments

Doesn't dry the skin

Can dry out the skin

Could cause dryness

No redness or irritation

Causes redness & irritation

Intensity may cause redness & irritation

Does not cause skin sensitivity

Can cause skin purging

Higher chance of IPL burns

No skin discomfort such as peeling or cracking

Causes UV sensitivity

4-6 weeks between sessions

Easy at home convenience

Can cause skin peeling

Must bring yourself to the spa

One time cost

Must frequently repurchase

Multiple high cost sessions

How To Use Guide

IPL skincare has never been so easy & safe.

Please be sure to read the pamphlet guide provided within the product packaging prior to use.

1) On freshly cleansed & toned skin, wear the protective eye-wear provided.

2) Select your desired intensity level, (lower setting for the face, higher for hair removal on the body)

3) Begin session avoiding the eye area and broken skin/open wounds

4) After session, apply cooling skin care, SPF and avoid sun exposure for 24hrs

5) Use once a week for skin treatment. For hair removal, repeat every 2 weeks until desired results are achieved

6) Do NOT use it immediately after sun exposure

  • The Glass IPL Photofacial device
  • US power adapter
  • 1 pair protective eye-wear
  • 1 disposable razor

Device specifications:

Name: The Glass IPL Photofacial Rated input Voltage: 12V - 2A
Number: T22 Power: 24W Adapter: US
Light Spectrum: 510-1200nm Operating environment: Temperature -10°C to 45°C; Humidity 10% to 75%
Energy Level: 5 levels of intensity up to 300,000 Flashes
Product size: 173*64*40mm


IPL technology can not be used under the following conditions:

IPL is NOT suitable for skin tones within the Fitzpatrick scale of V & VI

Can NOT be used on sun tanned skin or alongside sun tanning

  • Do NOT use if pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are diabetic
  • Have fragile light sensitivity
  • Have any medical conditions that cause uv sensitivity related to skin pigment or melanin
  • Are taking any medications that cause uv sensitivity
  • For the treatment of melasma or liver spots
  • Have heart disease, high blood pressure, malignant tumor or folliculitis
  • Have an infectious skin disease
  • Have active fungal skin conditions
  • Have abnormal collagen metabolism disorder including collagen autoimmune, poor scar & wound healing
  • Vascular disease
  • Use at the same time as retinoids, aha, bha or azelaic acids
  • Alongside essential astringent oils

The Glass IPL Photofacial is a safe at home IPL solution. This at
home IPL device provides a gentle IPL treatment system compared to professional clinical machines. Due its gentle at home nature, results take longer than clinical machines. Results vary as everyone's skin condition and concerns vary. At home IPL is most suitable for the treatment of acne, acne related pigmentation, collagen stimulation and treatment of mild sun damage.

Glass IPL Photofacial


Hear from real users

Glass IPL Photofacial


"Been getting severe breakouts due to stress, not just on my face but
also on my chest. Tried all sorts of acne creams but the IPL device is
the only thing that has calmed and cleared up my breakouts. This device is a godsend!"

Glass IPL Photofacial


" I have acne prone skin and I get dark spots after my pimples heal. This
as not only gotten control over my breakouts but my dark spots from
pimples healing dramatically faster when I use this to treat them!!!! "

Glass IPL Photofacial


" After the second session my skin looks really evened out and clear! Im
honestly surprised by this product and really impressed. Highly
recommend! "