Nacific Pink AHA BHA Cream

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The Nacific Pink AHA BHA Cream, a cream for acne and dry skin that:

  • Targets acne and clogged pores.
  • Soothes inflammation & irritation.
  • Removes dry skin flakes.
  • Delivers antioxidant care to fight the signs of aging.
  • Helps treat blackheads and excessive oil.
  • Gently Exfoliates.
  • Deeply Hydrates dehydrated skin.
  • Brightens uneven skin tone.
  • Helps fade acne scars & dark spots.


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The Nacific Pink AHA BHA Cream is a hydrating and moisturizing cream for acne and aging skin. Utilizing the exfoliating and pore unclogged power of AHA & BHA, targeting acne, blackheads, dry skin flakes, and advanced signs of aging.

This cream for acne is designed to be the perfect daily treatment to help fight against uneven skin texture, acne scars and dark spots while providing anti-aging care.

It's unique gel-cream texture is non-sticky and lightweight, making it suitable for all skin types. The Nacific Pink AHA BHA Cream is a cream for acne and skin that requires delicate treatment to achieve more smooth, happy, glowing skin.

Functional ingredients:

  • AHA(citric acid) targets dry skin flakes, surface pimples, dark spots, acne scars and wrinkles.
  • BHA(salicylic acid) works to target the deeper levels of the skin, aiding to reduce excessive oil production while unclogging congested pores.
  • Pink Calamine reduces inflammation in the skin, helping to reduce pimples.
  • Watermelon Extract deeply hydrates while delivering essential skin-strengthening minerals. 
  • 4 types of hyaluronic acid offer intensive deep hydration into parched dehydrated skin.
  • Niacinamide helps regulate oil production while stimulating cellular turnover.
  • Soybean Ferment Extract offers anti-aging and skin-strengthening effects via anti-oxidants, stimulates collagen and aids in cellular repair.
  • Hippophae Rhamnoides deliver powerful anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and cellular repairing effects.

pH 5 ~ 6


  • Gently exfoliates and unclogs congested pores
  • Removes dry skin flakes and rough skin texture
  • Brightens dull and uneven skin tone
  • Helps fade acne scars and dark spots on skin
  • Deeply hydrates dehydrated skin
  • Adds light moisture without being sticky
  • Offers intensive anti-aging effects without being heavy

Who's It For?

Skin Types
☑ Dry Skin
☑ Acne & Clogged Pores
☑ Normal Skin
☑ Early Signs of Sagging
☑ Acne Prone Skin
☑ Dry Skin Flakes
☑ Oily/Combination Skin
☑ Dullness & Uneven Skin Tone

How To Use

1) After serum/treatment layer, apply a dime-size amount and massage into skin avoiding the eye area.


Citrullus Lanatus (Watermelon) Fruit Extract, Glycerin, Polypropylsilsesquioxane, 1,2-Hexanediol, Niacinamide, Butylene Glycol, Water, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Arginine, Carbomer, Propanediol, Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate, Panthenol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Xanthan Gum, Adenosine, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Allantoin, Disodium EDTA, Glyceryl Acrylate/Acrylic Acid Copolymer, PVM/MA Copolymer, Salicylic Acid(100ppm), Citric Acid(100ppm), Gardenia Florida Fruit Extract, Cyanocobalamin, Dextrin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glutathione, Tranexamic Acid, Calamine, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Extract, Lactobacillus/Soybean Ferment Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Dioscorea Japonica Root Extract, Tremella Fuciformis (Mushroom) Extract, Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Extract, Benzyl Glycol, Centella Asiatica Extract, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Raspberry Ketone, Limonene, Linalool

Frequently asked questions

Salicylic acid skin benefits?

Salicylic acid is a form of bha(beta hydroxy acid) that targets oil at the deeper layers of the skin. It helps to break down oils, aiding in the prevention and treatment of blackheads and clogged pores. Salicylic acid also provides anti-inflammatory benefits that aid to reduce active skin inflammatory conditions such as acne.

Salicylic acid help acne?

Yes, salicylic acid can help acne by reducing inflammation in active acne pimples. Additionally, salicylic acid targets oil deep within the pores, helping to reduce clogged pores that can become acne pimples. This function also reduces excessive oil production in the skin, while reducing blackheads.

Can salicylic acid be used with vitamin c?

It is not recommended to use a salicylic acid product with a vitamin c product. Both are forms of exfoliation and could potentially lead to skin irritation. To avoid potential irritation, use both at different times of the day. For example, vitamin c during the day and salicylic acid at night.

Can salicylic acid be used with hyaluronic acid?

Yes, both salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid can be used at the same time as both acids have different functions. Salicylic acid being a exfoliant and hyaluronic acid being a hydrator.

Can salicylic acid be used with retinol?

It is not recommended to use salicylic acid and retinol at the same time. Both are forms of exfoliation and can lead to skin irritation and dryness. To avoid this, use these products on separate days.

Can aha be used with retinol?

It is not recommended to use aha and retinol at the same time. Both are forms of exfoliation and can lead to skin irritation and dryness. To avoid this, use these products on separate days.

Can I use this if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, this product is designed to be gentle on the skin. However, depending on your unique skin, start introducing this product slowly into your routine to avoid potential irritation.

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