Summer Glowing Bundle

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The Glass IPL Photofacial

Fights acne & creates clearer skin

Helps fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation

Stimulates collagen & supports anti-aging

Helps to tighten large pores & loose skin

Removes unwanted hair

The Mizu Cica Gel Veil

Hydrates both surface and deep tissue layers

Instantly restores 90% of hydration upon contact

Reduces redness and irritation

Creates a cooling veil effect over the skin

Works as a hydrating layer & sleeping mask

The Liquid Repair Oil Veil

Repairs a damaged skin barrier

Fights off acne causing bacteria

Has 10x the antioxidants of vitamin c

Rich in Omega 3, Omega 6, & amino fatty acids

Fights against fine lines & wrinkles

Speeds dark spot & acne scar recovery

Non-comedogenic & Non-irritating

The Original Miracle Flat Pimple Patch

Unleash your skin's potential with The Original Miracle Flat Pimple Patch. These hydrocolloid patches treat, protect, and heal acne, providing a fast and effective solution. Discreet and comfortable, they're your mighty patch against acne. Experience clear, radiant skin today!


Absorbs excess pus & oil from pimples

Speeds pimple healing & recovery

Protects pimples from bacteria & debris

Seamless makeup application & coverage

No dryness or irritation

Glow Travel Bag

Transparent cosmetic bag

Airport customs approved

Water Proof

Convenient zipper closure

Aesthetic design

Fits the essentials

The UV Escape Bucket Hath

Protects skin from UV Rays

Aesthetic design

Made with recycled cotton denim

60cm diameter with adjustable inner string to tighten

One size

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Glow V Line Facial Roller

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